August 6, 2018

Tuesday Night Jazz Jam with hosts Henry Tirfe & Chelsea Reed

It’s the beginning of another busy Tuesday night here at SOUTH. Our evening crowd is trickling
in from rush hour traffic to shrug off a day full of hustle and bustle in the city for happy hour
cocktails and a relaxing dinner served with top southern hospitality. As 7 o’clock approaches,
bar patrons quickly move their workday recap conversations from the bar to our jazz parlor to
join the other live jazz fans in the house- everyone from out of towners and our regular guests to
nervous first time performers hoping to get a good slot for SOUTH’s open mic night, Tuesday Night Jazz Jam with hosts Henry Tirfe & Chelsea Reed. It’s that sweet time during the week where the work day has
officially ended, nightlife begins, and Tuesday really doesn’t even feel like Tuesday anymore.

At SOUTH, live jazz and southern fare go together like Coltrane and Ellington. Seriously, would anyone debate that no matter how good any dish already is, it will always taste a little better with some good homegrown live jazz? This is what jazz fans can expect from TTuesday Night Jazz Jam with hosts Henry Tirfe & Chelsea Reed

Vocalists and musicians who play any instrument are welcome to sign up to perform a solo on stage during the night. It is not unlikely at all to look at the table right next to you and see horn players playing along to jazz standards like “Summertime” and “My Funny Valentine” right
from their seats. If you are familiar with Philadelphia’s music scene, it’s more than likely that you’ll see one of your favorite local singers hit the stage to sing one of their favorite jazz classics. Part of the thrill is never really knowing who is going to show up and light up the night.
With a city as rich as Philadelphia is in musical talent known worldwide, Tuesday Night Jazz Jam attracts jazz talent from all walks of life; from the virtuoso Temple jazz student to the much more seasoned jazz musician with more than a few decades worth of jazz gigs under their belt.

So if you’ve been itching to dust off that sax, working up the nerve to sing one of your favorite jazz standards, or you just want to groove in your seat to some great live jazz while enjoying SOUTH’s award-winning southern menu, you don’t have to wait until the weekend! Come out to SOUTH for Tuesday Night Jazz Jam and see why Tuesday is one of the hottest evenings in Philadelphia nightlife entertainment.